TSP Speed Grease

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Our high-performance grease forms a PTFE coating on metal, plastic and wood with extreme lubrication properties.
The PTFE molecules form a firm bond in the micro-area of ​​the surface and thus smooth the smallest bumps. Friction is reduced by up to 80%. Less friction means less wear. Temperature resistant from low minus degrees to high plus degrees.

Even if no grease is visible, the protective film forms a dry lubrication with emergency running properties. Speedgrease high-performance grease can also be used as long-term preservation with a dry surface on non-moving parts. Simply apply and min. Leave on for 2 hours or overnight. Then wipe off excess. Resistant to all external influences such as moisture (salt) water, hand sweat and e.g. Fuel. Rust formation and corrosion are prevented, dirt does not adhere.
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