Carpet Knife Twenty5 1/12th Car

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3215 Carpet Knife™ Twenty5 Building on the World Championship winning heritage of the CRC Xti-WC, the CK25 takes all the race winning features and adds changes and improvements to adapt to current racing conditions.

No ride height worries with the CK25!

The CK25 makes 3mm ride height on bare rims.

EZ motor access and maintenance

Easy "drop-in" motor from the top. EZ to solder, EZ to install. Low, light and fast!

Unlike some other brands that use just the 2 bottom holes to hold the motor (or poorly hold the motor in their case), the CK25 has the 2 motor mount screws spaced properly, so the motor does not move and no stripped spur gears!

Roomy rear pod!

The CK25 has 2 positions to available for the side tweak springs; inner mount for more traction and stability, outer position for quicker steering response.

The new CK25 features some changes to the front end to respond to the changes in modern racing to better handle extreme high-grip and also low-grip, bumpy conditions. The front body mounts have been moved to a raised bumper/body mount plate. The bumper/body mount plate protects the chassis and because it sits on the chassis, it allows for more chassis movement without touching the ground. The chassis has been substantially shortened to limit the front overhang past the tires and reduce the chances of the chassis touching the racing surface during high speed racing.

New raised bumper/body mount plate with foam bumper.
Raised bumper/body mount plate on the CK25

The CK25 comes standard with a new thin foam bumper to protect the body and body mount plate.

The only double clamping, perfectly balanced left hub in 1/12th scale

This design makes the hub 100% balanced for smooth and secure performance.

With a screw on both sides of the hub, the double clamp is more secure than any other in the business. Add perfect balance and its all good!.

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