CRC 1/12th Pro-Cut Rear Tyres Pink Compound

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CRC "Pro-Cut" 1/12th Pink compound. Soft shore, long-wear, high grip, high rubber content.

CRC "High Roller 38" (HR-38) 1/12th scale wheel
Recently, a trend has been established to increase the diameter of the wheel using fillers to artificially increase the effective mounting diameter of the rim. CRC has gone a step farther by actually increasing the rim diameter to 38 mm, the ROAR and IFMAR legal limit. As shown in the pictures, you can see that a standard 1/12th wheel actually fits inside the new HR-38 wheel, clearly demonstrating the added diameter.
CRC's new HR-38 rear wheel is very light weight, with a unique spoke pattern that results from the placement of the strengthening ribs. The internal ribs not only support the outer diameter, but they also add strength to the critical 3-hole mounting area, by providing a web of material on each side of the hole. Older standard wheel designs leave the 3-hole area un-braced, resulting in a weak area.
The front wheel accepts both flanged and un-flanged bearings. The rear wheel has mounting offsets that are slightly narrower, allowing the user to custom shim the rear axle width and track.
CRC "Pro-Cut" 1/12th mounted tires
Pro-Cut 1/12th tires come in all the popular racing compounds. No cheap kit rubber here, all Pro-Cuts are exotic, long-wear, high-grip rubber mounted on our new HR-38 rim. Pro-Cuts are trued to race size, no rolling 55 gallon drums. Low profile racing tires trued to 1.80" front and 1.90" rear. Being mounted on the new large diameter HR-38 rims, the new Pro-Cuts are low profile race tires.
** Pro-Cuts are light, but strong.
** Pro-Cuts are race ready, right from the package, no tire grinding needed!
** Pro-Cuts are large diameter, with low-profile.
** Pro-Cuts are priced the same as current tires.
** Pro-Cuts are legal everywhere.
** The High Roller 38 rim accepts standard 1/12th donuts.
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