RC Race Prep - Anti-Tuck Kit


RC Race Prep - Anti-Tuck Kit

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The Anti-Tuck Kit includes our Adjustable Wing Mounts; Anti-Tuck Arms and M3 Titanium screws from MoodyFools. 

A body tuck just at the wrong moment has the potential to ruin the entire event for the driver and team. We have designed them to be as light and effective as possible so any driver can run them from A Finalists to Club level who are just starting out and need a bit more protection to their bodyshell and car to reduce breakages.

Adjustable Wing Mounts add to the overall rigidity in the rear section of the body and wing while offering accurate wing overhang adjustment. This allows load torque to be adjusted.

Anti-Tuck Flex Arms reduce the chance of a body tuck during a run. They flex to reduce the amount the car unsettles on impact. However support an option to ‘lock out’ the arm to give even more rigidity to the back of the bodyshell and rear wing. This can be useful when a larger wing over hang is run or if you’re wanting more rear protection and shell support.

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